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Express Trading Company

The company was founded under the name of Al-Saadi Express Co. commercial registration number 77469 in Syria.

It is worth mentioning…

that our company has a history in the field of road freight and air and sea to all countries of the world.

Best company in the field of trade, tourism and remittances

  • Our company is a leader in the field of travel and tourism, remittances and trade, specializing in providing the best services and presentations at regional and global level companies.
  •  Our prices are economical for small and medium enterprises for international companies


Buying, selling and renting apartments and cars

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-Booking airline tickets
-Hotel reservations
-Trips to the most important tourist attractions

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-Cash remittances
-Bank deposits

-International remittances

-money transfer

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Phone:  +90. 212 458 58 57

Mobile:  +90. 535 418 26 38

Email:   Ahmad.Alsaadi81@gmail.com

Company Address: Aksaray, Marmaray Station, Yani Kapi,

next Asour hotel, Istanbul, Turkey

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